You will need an active We Connect subscription for the integration to work. Most customers get this for free the first year, but after that it is a payed service. Tibber is sending start/stop commands to control charging.

Known issues


Possible solution:

VW ID.3 - Electric noise from charger: High pitched noise from charger. This is caused by LED noise from the cars onboard charger. Might also cause lights to flicker.

The noise usually disappears, and it might help to disconnect/connect charging cable. There is no known permanent fix for this at the moment.

E-Golf: When charging the Easee charger (or any other charger for that matter) is making clicking sounds. If it's a frequent and high (volume wise) sound, the relay is switching on and off.

So far this only involves older models of e-Golf.

Cause: This seems to be caused by a badly designed charging port that will let water in if it's charged outdoors. This in turn causes a short circuit in the cars own electricity grid.
Solution: This is most likely caused by a fault in the cars electricity grid, and should be investigated by a VW repair shop.

VW E-Golf (older models, like 2015): Customer are not able to connect the car to our app.

Often needs their SIM-card reactivated to work with Tibber/WeConnect. Contact VW repair shop.

Meaning of charging port lights:



Steady green

Fully charged

Pulsating green


Flashing green

Charge timer set, ready to charge when time comes


Plugged in but not charging. (EVSE lost power, car just unlocked and stopped charging etc. It will sometimes show yellow briefly at various points while charging if charging pauses)


We can't find any sources even saying this is a real color, but some customer says it exists. Plausible explanation: Charging connector is inserted in the charging socket and has been detected by the vehicle, however no voltage has been detected. Have the power supply or electricity mains checked. When the mains charging cable is being used, the status of the electricity mains is displayed on the protection unit. If necessary, seek expert help from properly qualified and trained specialist personnel.

Solid red

The charging cable connector is not locked properly in the charging socket. Maybe the weight of the charging cable have shifted the connectors, or someone has tugged it while you where away?

Flashing red

Thereโ€™s an error in the charging system. Most likely this is due to a faulty cable, so try another one. If this doesn't work, the next step is to check the vehicle at a VW retailer.

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