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The most common problems with the Tesla Power-up

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Known issues:

"Charging interrupted" error message from Tesla app:

This happens when the car is finished charging, but we are still doing maintenance charging. Most likely this error message is caused by a switch between one- and three-phase charging.

Try to set the charger to only offer 1- or 3-phase charging in Easee Cloud. If you can't find this setting, contact us in the chat and we will help you. Note that if you also charge another car that requires one-phase charging, the Easee charger must be in either 1-phase mode or Auto-mode.

Scheduled departure/charging:

It might create problems. We recommend that you to turn this off.

Car starts charging again by itself:

Bug in Tesla firmware makes car start to charge again, even when Smart Charging tries to stop it.

Turn scheduled departure/charging on and off again.

Asymmetrical loads on phases:

If you have a Model S or X that is charging with three-phases on an IT-grid, you might experience asymmetrical loads on the three phases. Easee will only prevent the most loaded phase from exceeding the set value.

There is no solution for this, since it is the cars onboard charger that limits this. The only vehicles that can pull a symmetrical load on IT-grids with three-phase is Tesla Model 3 and Y. The Model S and X will still experience some higher charging speeds up to 8,5 kW.

Vampire drain:

A common questions from customers is if our integration with Tibber leads to vampire drain. We have done a lot of changes to ensure that we keep Vampire drain to a minimum, but with Smart Charging active on the vehicle you will experience some drain due to the way it works.

We are continuously working on decreasing the amount of connections we do with the car, and also do a check if the car is already "sleeping" to avoid unnecessary awaken the car.
If you have an integrated charger in our app, try having Smart Charging only activated on the charger and not the vehicle. We will still fetch the latest battery state when planning charging, but will not wake up the vehicle πŸ‘

Good to know:

We don't have support for changing schedules already set in the car. We are dependent on sending commands (start/stop) at the moment we want to start/stop charging. When Tibber send commands this will override schedules set in the car og car app, but not change them.

Latest software update: TeslaFi gives a good overview on the latest software updates here: https://www.teslafi.com/firmware.php. The version numbers are the same for all Teslas, but can contain model specific changes.

Release notes and metrics for the updates: Teslascope/Teslapedia contains release notes and metrics about every software update for Tesla vehicles: https://teslascope.com/teslapedia/software.

​Tesla's own info pages:

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