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BMW troubleshooting

The most common problems with BMW Power-up

Updated over a week ago

Tibber is controlling charging through schedules in BMW cars. We do also respect pre heating settings :-)

Known issues



Location services gets turned off in the car for some customers. The consequence of this is that car will start charging immediately. You will see this in the app if you check the car bubble, it will say that location is turned off.

Try to update Online services in your car:

1: Navigate to "ConnectedDrive"-menu in the cars system
2: Click the "Option"-button on the iDrive-controller
3: Choose the option "Update BMW services".
4: Wait for the status message "Transfer data ..." to change to "Data transfer finished" (this might take several minutes), and then click "OK".
5: Delete and reinstall BMW app on your phone.

Car at home in BMW app, but not in our app: If car shows at home in BMW app but in Tibber app it is not, this is most likely due to BMW not reporting any position to us.

Please contact our customer support.

i3 is making clicking sounds when charging: This usually happens if the car is charging on IT-grids with 3-phases.

Even though the car kinda supports 3-phase charging on IT-grids, it's not optimal. You might want to check if 1-phase charging will remove this issue.

Problem pairing BMW vehicle to Tibber: If in pairing you get the warning for an "unknown error", we might have some problems with the password to your BMW account.

To solve this, try to change the password for your BMW account. My BMW now requires you to have special characters in your password, but avoid using " / ' \ as they can cause problems.

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