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Customer Questions:

Can I splice two cables together to get a longer one?

Don't.. Just don't do it. Go to the store and buy one that is long enough.
Most likely a spliced cable wouldn't be able to communicate with the charger. Not to mention the fire hazard it would pose.

Should I use the Tibber or Easee app?

We advice to only use the Tibber app if you want to use smart charging. This is because the cooperation between Easee app and Tibber app is not working flawlessly per today. For example can't we see if you have set a schedule through the Easee app. Tibber needs to be the operator in easee.cloud if you want smart charging with Tibber.

Easee is smart charging, but vehicle is never fully charged the next morning:

For offline cars (non-integrated cars), the battery level needs to be entered manually in the Tibber app so that it matches the car's current battery level. Without the correct battery level, it will be difficult for our algorithm to create a suitable charging schedule, which can result in the battery not being charged to 100% before your planned departure time.

For example, assume that your car's battery level is at 20%, then you enter the same value in the Tibber app during your offline car's integration so that we can create a correct charging schedule for the remaining 80%.

Easee smart charging is not working after i manually started charging earlier:

If you need to charge at once, and not wait for smart charging, you can override smart charging by pushing "Start" when in the Easee bubble in the Tibber app. Smart charging can also be overrun by manually pushing the touvh-button above the light strip on the Easee charger; the light on Easee should then change from blue to white. Smart charging will be suspended until the next day and will not work the same day unless you activate smart charging again.

This is done from the Tibber app by clicking the Easee bubble, click at the bottom where it says "smart charge: paused" and here smart charging can be activated again. In some cases you will need to disconnect and reconnect the car from the charger for Smart charging to restart probperly.

Easee and vehicle showing different consumption, which one is correct?

Easee has an internal meter that measures the energy, and will be most correct in showing charging consumption and is what we base our discount on. For direct integrations the consumption is an estimation based on different data we receive from the car.

I can't find the S/N and/or PIN-code, can you help?

No S/N: If not found on the guides that followed the charger, check under the front cover. You can also find the S/N by activating Easee WiFi (pushing button on charger for 2 seconds) and finding it on your mobile device, the name of the network will contain the S/N.

No PIN: If you can't find the PIN-code anywhere, please send us the S/N (EHxxxxxx) of your charger, and we will provide it for you.

Easee charger reducing charging speed, what is happening?

This might be due to the warm weather we are experiencing during summer. Easee will work as designed within -32 and +40 degrees. If a charger is mounted up on a wall and are getting direct sunlight it can potentially get up to +70 degrees. The charger will turn down charging speed in order not to overheat.

When I connect Easee charger to Easee app it returns error code 500:

Installer/electrician has not completed step 6 & 7 from the quick guide installation instructions. Check page 15-16 here.

I can't connect to local Easee WiFi-hotspot:

If you have VPN activated when you try to connect to the Easee local network, you will probably not be able to connect. Disable VPN temporarily to solve this.

Easee charger showing red light. what can I do?

First you may try to disconnect and connect the car from the charger and see if that helps and/or take the fuse for 2 mins.

If the red light is reoccurring please contact our support heroes so that we can investigate the issue further.

Easee has lost connection with Tibber app, what is wrong?

It might be a hiccup on the charger. Try to turn off the circuit fuse for 2 minutes. If this doesn't help, please contact our support heroes.

Easee is not giving full effect as it should after load balancing have kicked in, why not?

This is a known problem for us and we are working on a solution with Easee. This happens when the charger is turning down charging speed caused by high temperatures. The charger will then not turn up the speed again when temperature drops to acceptable levels. If the you disconnect and reconnect the cable from the vehicle, it should give normal effect when charging again.

Easee is not locking the cable, what could be wrong?

Make sure cable is properly fit into charger, so locking mechanism is not prevented in any way to lock the cable. In rare cases you have to trim the lock, meaning you will need to squeeze and help the lock manually with your finger (or a flat screwdriver). Easiest done by removing the front cover.

Easee is not unlocking my cable, what should I do?

Check if permanent lock of cable is turned off in our app. Disconnect vehicle and push the cable firmly into the charger so the locking mechanism is not squeezed, then hold the touch button on charger (above light strip) in for approximately 1-2 seconds and it should unlock. Some times same procedure needs to be done with some more force.

Why is Easee not starting charging by manually pushing the button?

If you have smart charging turned off or it is suspended until the next day, Easee will not start charging by manually pushing the button. This is our logic to prevent you from activating smart charging by mistake.

I'm not getting the expected charging speed:

There might be several reasons for this, like type of car, type of electricity grid, charging cables, and the like.

Please contact us and inform which vehicle you have that is not getting expected charging speed :)

How do I disconnect my Easee charger from another operator?

To use your Easee charger with Tibber, the charger must be set up with Tibber as the operator. If you currently have a different operator, this can easily be changed in https://easee.cloud as follows:

  1. Log in with the same username and password as in the Easee app

  2. Go to Tools → Operator → Unpair (Sites → Operator → Unpair)

  3. You should then be able to connect to Tibber as an operator

Afterwards, you should be able to go into the Tibber app and connect to your Easee charger at Power-Ups → Easee → Connect 👏

How does RFID work with Tibber?

1: Hold the touch-button on top of the light strip until it turns green.
2: Log in on the local WiFi-network the charger sets up.
3: Open your web-browser and go to and enter your PIN.
4: Find the alternative to activate RFID/Access control and go through the process to add your RFID tags. Remember to give them a name :)

Easee not charging when Dynamic Circuit current is set below 11A:

This is a problem on IT-grids, when the charger is set to 11A or lower and the charger is locked to 3-phase mode. This can be fixed with setting phase to auto or 1-phase in https://easee.cloud.

Tip: Easee public knowledgebase:

Here you have info about general stuff like manuals, FAQ, changelogs, Easee app & interface and usermanuals in Norwegian, Swedish and German.

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