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All you need to know about inverters connected to the Tibber app and energy deal.

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When you are producing your own energy it becomes increasingly difficult to follow your consumption. You might be using some of the energy you produce yourself, consuming some energy from the grid, and maybe you are even selling energy back to the grid. This is sometimes tricky to follow and to get a full picture of your consumption.

But by connecting your inverter to the Tibber-app you will get a better overview of both your consumption and production, all in one place.

In Norway and Sweden Tibber can also buy your over-production: Read more

🀷 In short, how does solar production work?

  1. The sun's rays hit the solar panels which generates electricity in the form of direct current.

  2. To use the electricity in your home or sell it to the grid the direct current has to be converted to alternating current which is done in the inverter.

  3. From the inverter, the alternating current electricity is sent to your fusebox.

  4. From there the electricity is distributed to your outlets and if there is a surplus that electricity is sent to the grid for others to enjoy your renewable electricity. If you have a solar production deal you will get paid for your over-production πŸ‘

  5. If you have a home battery as part of your solar production plant your inverter will make sure it's charged when the sun shines and that the stored electricity is used when it's not shining - so the inverter is optimizing your solar production.

Depending on if your inverter can be integrated to Tibber or not you will be able to see different data in the Tibber app.

πŸ‘€ What can Tibber show me with an integrated vs. non integrated inverter?

An integrated inverter allows Tibber to fetch data not only from your electricity meter but also directly from the inverter. This allows us to create a more complete picture of your usage in both real-time and historically. All integrated inverters can be found here.

  • With a non-integrated inverter, Tibber can only detect data from your electricity meter and can only detect the part of your solar production that you sell back to the grid, to display together with your consumption from the grid.

  • An integrated inverter allows Tibber to also get data directly from your inverter so we can display the part of your production that you consume yourself, what you sell to the grid as well as your consumption from the grid.

β˜€οΈπŸ”Œ Solar smart charging

When you have your solar production with Tibber and integrated EV and/or wall box Tibber can also charge your car based on historic production electricity price and prognosticated solar energy. We will need 14 days to receive enough historic data to plan your charging based on when you are producing energy.

πŸ“² Connect your integrated inverter to Tibber

  1. Open "Power-ups" in the bottom menu of the home screen in the Tibber app.

  2. Search the list and klick on the power-up with you inverter brand and choose "Connect".

  3. Follow the instructions to connect your inverter as a power-up.

  4. When finished your inverter should show as a circle on the home screen in the Tibber app. If not, please click βš™οΈ in the top right corner and select it to be displayed on the home screen.


How does Tibber fetch data from integrated inverters?

Modern inverters for solar panels are connected using WiFi. This allows Tibber to retrieve data from the inverter in the same way as the manufacturers' own apps.

In this way, Tibber retrieves the data and presents it in neat and informative graphs in the app. In addition, we can compare data from the inverter with data from your electricity meter and thus obtain a summary of your total consumption.

Why different data in Tibber and the inverter app?

Tibbers analysis screen is based on data from both your inverter and the grid company. Since we receive grid company data the following day there is a delay in the analysis screen compared to the inverter power up and the data might not always match. There might also be some discrepancies between the data available for us to collect and the data shown in the native app.

Do I need an integrated inverter to use the app?

You don’t need a compatible inverter to use the app or sell electricity through Tibber. The difference is that with an integrated inverter, you can see how much electricity you've sold back to the grid and how much has been used by yourself.

I've lost connection to my inverter, will it affect invoicing?

No, all invoicing is based on the information registered by your energy meter. Even though we have lost connection with your inverter, we will still be receiving data from your meter through the grid company πŸ™‚

Is the production shown in the app in real-time?

The values from the inverter are updated once every hour, but when you open the power-up in the Tibber app we start fetching data in real-time for as long as you have the power-up open.

How do I activate solar smartcharging?

  • With an Easee or Zaptec wallbox connected to Tibber you can find the solar smart-charging setting by clicking the charger bubble in Tibber app.

  • If you have an integrated EV you can contact us in chat to activate it.

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