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Get started with your Tibber Pulse (HAN)
Get started with your Tibber Pulse (HAN)

Everything you need to know about placing and installing Tibber Pulse (HAN).

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Tibber Pulse HAN connects to your electricity meter. You can do this yourself - no electrician needed. Plug and play πŸ‘‡

First things first: Enable the HAN port on your electricity meter

The HAN port must be enabled for Pulse to receive information from your meter. It is closed by default. To open it, contact your grid company and ask them to open the HAN port. In some cases, this may take a couple of days.

How to connect Tibber Pulse

  1. Connect Pulse to power from the included USB cable, so that Pulse glows green (in most cases, the power connection can be removed after installation is complete).

  2. Go to the Tibber app ➑️ Power-ups, find Pulse and select connect. Follow the instructions in the app.

  3. When installation is complete, connect Pulse to the HAN port in the power cabinet with the included network cable. The HAN port looks like this πŸ‘‡

    Illustrasjon av en HAN-port og HAN-port med TIbber Pulse.
  4. Now Pulse should appear as a bubble with "Pulse now" on the home screen in the app. Not showing? Tap the cogwheel βš™οΈ and tick Tibber Pulse.

Placement of Tibber Pulse

Pulse needs good WiFi coverage and must be mounted in a moisture-free location.

Some tips and tricks for installation:

  • If you have a power cabinet in the basement, you may want to place it on the outside of the cabinet for the best possible reception.

  • If Pulse has poor coverage, it may be that the antenna is too far away from the WiFi router. Try turning Pulse in a different direction for better reception.

  • Pulse has been tested down to 20 degrees below zero, but is not fond of water, moisture or condensation. Moisture damage is not covered by warranty or guarantee.

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