It is many different issues that might cause Pulse not to work as intended. Much of this you can solve yourself by checking the Pulse LED light and testing a few troubleshooting steps.

First thing to check when you are troubleshooting Pulse is if it has any light in its LED and what color it is.

Pulse have no light:

If Pulse has no light, it's usually caused by one of four things:

Pulse is frozen:

Try to disconnect Pulse from the meter for 2 minutes and then reconnect again. If this was the problem Pulse should light up quite quickly (white pulses), but might use 5-40 minutes to start up sending data again (depending on the type of meter and version of Pulse).

Fault on the HAN-cable:

The fault might be caused by a defective RJ45 cable. To test this, please try to connect Pulse to your meter using another RJ45 cable (CAT 5e or newer).

Not connected to USB power supply:

When you are connecting Pulse in the app, it needs more power than the energy meter can provide. You therefore have to connect Pulse to an USB power supply during pairing.

Do you have an Aidon meter?

If the HAN-port is not activated on an Aidon meter, it will not supply Pulse with any power. Contact your grid company and ask them to send an activation signal to the HAN-port.

If non of this works when Pulse has no light, please contact us through the chat. Mention what steps you have tried to do, and also connect Pulse to a USB power supply.

Yes! Pulse has a light:

How the Pulse light shows indicates the status it has right now. Below you will find the different kind of lights that Pulse will show you if something isn't right. It might be that the intervals of the pulsation isn't totally correct, but it should be close.

Illustration of the different lights on Pulse.

Static green light:

When Pulse is green it is not set up through our app yet, but is ready for pairing. In our app go to Power-ups and choose Pulse. Click Connect and follow the on-screen instructions.

Blinking green light:

Pulse will pulsate green when you try to or have connected to the temporary network Pulse set up. Continue setting up Pulse in the app.

Blinking strong blue light:

Pulse has received settings from the app, and is now trying to connect to the internet and our servers.

Blinking yellow light:

Pulse is automatically updating itself to the latest available firmware when it's being connected in our app. On Aidon and Kaifa/Nuri meters this will also happen by itself whenever a new firmware is released, while Pulse needs to be connected to an USB power supply to receive updates when connected to a Kamstrup meter.

Illustration of the different lights on Pulse.

Static weak blue light:

You should now be able to see your consumption in realtime in our app.

Blinking white-red-nothing:

Pulse is connected to your energy meter, but is not set up correctly in the app. Connect Pulse to a USB power-supply, and it will change it's light to green. Go into the app to Power-ups, and on the page that comes up choose Pulse. Click on Connect and follow the on-screen instructions.

Static red light:

Pulse can't connect to your WiFi-network. This might be caused by an error in your router. Try to restart your router by disconnecting the power supply for 30 seconds and then reconnect it again.

Blinking red light:

Pulse are not able to contact our servers. This might be caused by an to aggressive firewall or an error on your router and/or modem. First try to restart router and/or modem by disconnecting the power supply for 30 seconds and then reconnect it.

If it does not work with restarting the router / modem contact us at chat or, and we will be happy to help you 😊

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