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Smart charge your Polestar with Tibber
Smart charge your Polestar with Tibber

What to consider when to smart charge your Polestar with Tibber.

Updated over a week ago

Polestar’s growing owners community has requested making Tibber’s smart charging feature available to them in the Tibber app. We’re proud to say that we’ve worked closely with Polestar to make that dream come true and you can now smart charge your Polestar 2 as an online car via an integrated charger 🙌

So what's really different with this power-up?

From Tibber algorithms perspective there are two types of EVs:

  • Integrated cars where there is a direct integration allowing Tibber to fetch data (eg. battery status (SoC) and GPS position) from and send commands (eg. start/stop charging) to the car. This is how Tibber can control the smart charging directly via the car no matter what charger is used.

  • Non integrated cars where there is no direct integration to fetch/send data to and from the car and an integrated charger is needed and the owner has to manually set the current battery status (SoC) before each charging session (or a default battery status (SoC) that's pretty accurate most of the time 😉) that Tibber can base the upcoming smart charging session on.

The Polestar integrations doesn't really match any of the👆types. The EV is integrated to the Tibber app just like an online car but the limitations in the API doesn't allow Tibber to start/stop charging so an integrated charger is needed to smart charge.

Since Tibber can fetch the cars battery status (SoC) as opposed to offline cars, there is no need to set it manually before each charging session 😅 Together with an integrated wall box smart charging will work just as for any other online car as Tibber preferred settings are always to activate smart charging via the charger rather than via the car.

The car will appear on the home screen in the Tibber app just like any other online car displaying the current battery status (SoC) but without the possibility to activate smart charging from the car screen - this is instead done in the screen for the integrated charger.

How do I connect my Polestar to Tibber?

  1. Click on "Power-ups" in the bottom of the home screen in the Tibber app.

  2. Find and click on Polestar in the list and then click "Connect"

  3. Follow the instructions to connect your car as a power-up.

  4. Your car should appear as a circle on the home screen. If not, click the ⚙️ in the top right corner and mark that your car power-up should be displayed on the home screen👍

Together with an integrated charger you can now maximize your charging during the cheapest hours with Tibber 🥳

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