Invite friends to Tibber and get a bonus (amount depends on which market) per friend who becomes a customer. You can use the bonus on smart products that reduce power consumption and provide better control at home.

How to invite friends:

🙋🏻 Share or send your unique invitation code. You can find it under "My Account" in the Tibber app.

✅ When the person you are recruiting has registered as a power customer with Tibber, you both get a bonus. The bonus is registered immediately after the person you have recruited has activated the power deal.

I have been invited:

If you have been invited, you must follow the link you received when you were recruited and this will be registered automatically. You can also enter the recruitment code afterwards. To do this, go to My Account - Invite friends - I have been invited.

❓ Frequently asked questions about bonus:

I have not received the bonus 🤷🏻‍♀️

Unfortunately, we have a small bug🐞 which means that the bonus is not always registered. Then try to click on the link again and see if it helps, or go to My account - Invite friends - I have been invited and enter the code here.

I have recruited someone, but have not received a bonus.

In order for the bonus to be triggered, the person you are recruiting must activate a power deal. If the person in question has done this, but the bonus has not been received, the person you have recruited can enter the referral code manually.

For how long is the bonus accessible?

The bonus is accessible for 24 months. If you do not manage to use the bonus within this period, you are welcome to contact our support heroes 😊

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