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Solar production with Tibber
Solar production with Tibber

How you sell solar overproduction

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Tibber can buy your surplus solar production, it's a little bit different in different countries, here you can read about your specific market in english.

If you rather read in your local language you can simply change language in the support center.


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What compensation do I get for the solar production that I sell to the electricity grid?

As a customer at Tibber you will get paid by Nord Pool hourly spot price, meaning that you will get payed the market price for your over-production.

In our app you will be able to see your over-production by going to Analysis - Production. If you also have integrated your inverter through Power-ups (we currently supports Fronius, SMA, SolarEdge and Solis) you will also be able to see how much of your consumption you have consumed yourself :)

How do I start selling solar power to Tibber?

If you are in the process of becoming a customer with us, and you already is registered as a Plusskunde with your grid company, your solar-production will automatically be registered with us :)

If you already are a customer and is considering or have started to set up your solar cells, the integrator/electrician/company that set it up will help you with everything, including registration with your grid company. When they have registered you as a "plusskunde" your subscription will automatically be updated with production in our system.

If you can's see any production in the app by going to Analysis - Production, or if this option is missing from the app, please contact our support heroes :)


What compensation do I get for the solar production that I sell to the electricity grid?

As an electricity customer at Tibber, you pay for electricity at cost price, ie spot price + electricity certificate and VAT, so we do not earn anything from what you consume.

For the electricity you overproduce, you also get the same spot price, ie the electricity market's purchase price per hour and this is deducted from the electricity you use every hour. So it's what you produce more than what you use every given hour that you sell to us.

How do I start selling solar power to Tibber?

If you already have Tibber when you install solar cells, the grid company will tell us that we can buy your surplus, you do not need to do anything.

If you had solar PVs before switching to Tibber, you need to find out your two EANs (Anläggnings IDs), one for input, overproduction that is sold to the grid and outlet, the electricity you use from the grid.

When you have these, you can write them in our chat or email and say that you want us to take over your solar production and we will fix the rest.

Note that if you have a fixed agreement for production with another electricity supplier, you need to check with that agreement what date you can move production to Tibber and then write this to us as well.

When you install solar cells through an integrator, you get help with everything, including registration with network companies, which may then need to replace your electricity meter.

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