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Consumption and analysis
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Under "Analysis" in the Tibber app, you get an overview of your power consumption. This is updated daily and gives you an overview of how much electricity you have used, day by day. By going to "Detailed graph" you can also see how much electricity you have used hour by hour either in currency or kwh. This can also be seen in connection with the electricity price on this day or the outdoor temperature.

Note. This applies to you with an hourly meter read /. If you have a profile reading, or an old type of electricity meter, the figures will be based on estimates from your network company. This will also be specified in the app. If your numbers are based on estimates, you can contact your network company to activate hourly reading or switch to a new type of electricity meter if you do not have this.


This analysis shows how much electricity you use compared to other households of about the same size. The comparison takes into account whether you have an electric car, how you heat the house, the number of people in the household, etc. Based on this, a comparison is made that will give you an idea of ​​how your consumption compares to others.

Consumed the most

This analysis gives you an overview of how your power consumption is distributed over different categories. This is done based on pattern recognition.

This means that we receive data about your power consumption. Based on this, we use mathematics to analyze the patterns of consumption. "Behavior" such as light, washing machine and stove, for example, has a different pattern than, for example, heating. Based on this, we will be able to form a picture of how much the different categories spend in your home.

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