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Netatmo - Healthy Home Coach
Netatmo - Healthy Home Coach

Smart indoor air quality meter for monitoring indoor climate

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Beautifully designed indoor sensor that communicates over WiFi and HomeKit. Monitor temperature, air quality, humidity and the sound level on your phone, and receive a notification if the values are exceeding the expected values🏡. This way you can create a healthy home, and Netatmo Smart Indoor air quality meter shows you how.

Whether it is about the best sound level to sleep well or the right humidity level for children with asthma, the Smart Indoor Air Quality Meter will monitor what you want to focus your attention on, highlight potential problems and tell you how to fix them.

Home Coach + Tibber

Home Coach can be used with Netatmo’s own app, but you can also connect it to the Tibber app. If you have your Home Coach connected to Tibber, you will receive information directly in the app.

You can connect multiple Smart Indoor Air Quality Meters to see data from all your rooms in the same app.


Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is easy to install and it is done in only a few minutes. First, you install the Netatmo app on your phone and follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download the app Healthy Home Coach from Netatmo in the App Store or Play Store

  2. Activate Bluetooth on your phone/tablet

  3. Connect your phone/tablet to the WiFi network you want to use for Netatmo

  4. Launch the app and tap the top left icon

  5. Follow the instructions in the app to complete the installation

The importance of a healthy indoor climate:

Weather and climate is often a topic of conversation for most people. But what about indoor climate? It is where one spends the most of one's day, and despite this the interest for indoor climate is rather low!

Here is a video that shows you how you can create a healthier indoor climate:

What is the difference between Netatmo Home Coach (Smart Indoor Air Quality Meter) and Netatmo Weather Station❓

  • Netatmo Home Coach measures indoor climate only, and is less expensive than Netatmo Weather Station

  • Netatmo Weather Station can measure both indoor and outdoor climates, and is therefore a little more expensive than the Home Coach.

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