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Smart heating with Sensibo - thermostat for air heat pump - and frequently asked questions.

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Sensibo is a WiFi-remote with built in thermostat which makes all the air to air heat pumps smarter. Control the heat pump from your mobile, anywhere you are in the world. All you need is a WiFi-connection. With the help from the Sensibo can you reduce the electricity cost and your consumption through smarter heating of the house.

Smart heating with Sensibo:

In the Tibber-app can you set your comfort temperature, which Tibber will use for sending temperature commands to your heat pump through Sensibo.

Once you have activated smart heat control in the app, we will control the comfort temperature based on electricity price, weather forecast and degree of insulation.

This will say that the temperature on the heat pump can be higher or lower than your set temperature.

The temperature of Sensibo's sensor is used as a display in the app. It will also be used to learn how fast the temperature is getting lower or higher in the room, which means we can better use day and night savings for you with minimum power consumption.

Day and night mode🏙🌃

With day and night mode activated will we not lower the temperature with more than 3ºC. It's with the thought to use the energy the most effective way. For example if the temperature will be lowered too much, then the heat pump will work harder to heat up the air to the desired temperature, and then use more energy than necessary.

Vacation mode🏖

In vacation mode/saving mode we will set the temperature to the lowest available temperature for the heat pump. For some models this means it will be set down to 10ºC, and for a lot of other models it will be set to around 17ºC.

Senibo's sensor will sometimes show a bit higher higher temperature than it actually is, but the deviation is constant. It can be that the specific unit or the placement of the Sensibo is the reason for it. (Might be that the air stream from the heat pump hits the Sensibo unit)

❓Frequently asked questions about Sensibo:

Why does the heat pump heat up when Sensibo is set to day savings?

With day and night savings we don't lower the temperature with more than 3ºC. This is with the thought about using the energy on the most effective way. Therefore the heat pump can periodically send warm air even though day savings is on.

Will Sensibo work with my heat pump?

Sensibo works basically with all air heat pumps / systems and air condition, provided it has an IR-receiver to receive signals from the remote.

I have changed my WiFi, what do I do to make Sensibo work again?

The Sensibo needs to be paired again. Follow these steps:

How do I install Sensibo?

Sensibo is something you can easily install yourself in just a few minutes. You should place it so it has a clear view-angel to the indoor part of the heat pump, and you will need a access to a socket.

You install it through the Sensibo app and you will need an active WiFi-connection (2.4GHz) Follow the steps in the app, step by step.

What is the difference between Sensibo Air and Sensibo Sky?
Sensibo Air is the follow up product for Sensibo Sky, and it comes with a variety of improvements. New design, external sensor for smart heating, and a more environment production process naming some of them.

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