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Homey is one of the most advanced smart hubs on the market today. It supports most of the common communication protocol standards that exist today. Connect your smart products to the hub via the Homey app, and make your home smarter by setting up different kinds of automations with your devices, called Flows, just the way you want it. You can control the lighting with motion sensors, turn on the coffee machine when you wake up, or turn off the heat when nobody is home, among many other things.

On Homey’s home page, you can read and learn more about all the things this smart hub has to offer. And here you can read more about how your day-to-day life can be automated with Homey.

Homey + Tibber - What possibilities are there?

With Homey connected to Tibber, an even bigger library of smart devices becomes available in the Tibber app. You can, among other things, get data from multiple sensors, or control different kinds thermostats in the app. You can also reduce your heating expenses by using Tibber’s smart heating control technology.

Go to Power-ups in the Tibber-app, select Athom Homey, and then tap Connect.

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❓Frequently asked questions about Homey:

Q: I have changed my WiFi network, how do I reconnect Homey?

A: Take a look here, and follow the instructions on how to reconnect

Q: How do I install Homey?

A: It is very easy to install Homey. Then, you can immerse yourself in the settings to create scenes and flows if you wish, for a more advanced setup. An easy step-by-step installation guide will follow at the bottom of this article.

Q: What does Homey have built-in support for?

A: Homey Pro has built-in support for Z-Wave+, Zigbee, 433 MHz, 868 MHz, Bluetooth, Wifi and IR. This enables Homey to support over 50 000 products from 1000 different manufacturers.

Athom Homey Pro - Installation guide:

  1. Unbox Homey, and connect it to power. In the box there is included both a USB cable and a 230V wall adapter.

  2. Homey will need a few seconds to power on. Then it will ask you to go to You can do this from a computer, or a phone connected to WiFi.

  3. On your computer/phone you will receive step-by-step instructions. Start with connecting your device to the WiFi-network “HomeySetup”. When you connect to it, you will go to the next step. Choose your own WiFi-network and type the password to connect Homey to your home network. Homey will then look for updates, and download them if there are any. Installing them will take a few minutes.

  4. You will now receive Athom's terms and conditions on your screen, which you have to read and agree to, to be able to continue the setup process. The next step is to connect Homey to your Athom account. If you do not have an account, tap “New account” to create one. When Homey is connected to your Athom account, the installation process is completed.

  5. You can now download the app on the App Store/Google Play and connect Homey, where you can start on your new home automation journey!

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