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Upgrade your room thermostat

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(For tado° radiator valves, see this article)

This is tado°

Upgrade your room thermostat with a Smart Thermostat, that you can control in the tado°-app. The thermostat has a LED-matrix-screen, touch-buttons, and sensors which measure temperature, humidity and light.

Connecting the thermostat to Tibber enables you to adjust the temperature directly in the app. It is also possible to decide whether you want to activate smart heat control. Smart heating is controlled on autopilot, resulting in your home using as little electricity as possible. This is possible due to the thermostat's access to weather forecasts, the electricity price and home conditions. Statistics from your heating are also available in the app.


❗️The product should be installed by a qualified electrician for 230V-installation. For analog or digital signal control (max. 36V) the thermostat can be installed without a qualified electrician. The thermostat has three connection options: 230V relay (max. 3A), analog control signal (max. 36V) and digital control signal.

Before you start installing, check whether it is possible to replace your current thermostat with tado°.

Five steps to install tado° Smart Thermostat:

  1. Connect tado° Internet Bridge to your router

  2. Remove the existing thermostat

  3. Install tado° backplate

  4. Connect the cables

  5. Install tado° Smart Thermostat

How to install tado° Smart Thermostat:

How to install tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat:

Frequently asked questions about tado°

I have a heating-system without a room thermostat. Does it work with tado° Smart Thermostat?

If you don't have a room thermostat or a wireless thermostat, you will need a tado° Extension Kit in addition to the tado° Smart Thermostat.

Which heating cables are tado° compatible with?

tado°s thermostats support up to 3A for electrical heating cables. If you are unsure about how much the cables need, or if it is more than 3A, we recommend using a Heatit thermostat instead. This thermostat requires a gateway in order to function with Tibber, like for example Homey.

Are there any circumstances when one shouldn't use smart heating on tado°?

Yes! If your heating is generated by something other than electricity that is billed on the same invoice as the rest of the electricity for your household.

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