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Aeotec - Heavy Duty Switch
Aeotec - Heavy Duty Switch

Powerful wireless switch for up to 40A with built in electricity meter

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Aeotec - Heavy Duty Switch is a remote controlled switch which is dimensioned for high load. The wireless switch is intended for fixed connection for loads up to 40A or 9200 watts, with built-in current meter. The switch communicates through Z-wave and will therefore need a smart house gateway with Z-wave compatibility for work, such as Homey or Futurehome. Connected to a gateway, the switch will make it possible to control for example a water heater externally and see the consumption.


The Aeotec - Heavy Duty Switch can be used to control things as the water heater, electrical radiators, washing machines, dryers, heat pumps, jacuzzi, swimming pool or other equipments that has a high load for a short time or a steady load over a longer period. By using the Aeotec - Heavy Duty Switch you will avoid the socket running hot if you connect equipment with high load.


Aotec - Heavy Duty Switch needs to be installed by a certified electrician since it's a permanent installation. When the switch is installed by an electrician, it can then be connected to the z-wave gateway when you have set your gateway in "Search Mode" and then press the button under the lid on the switch.

❓ Frequently asked questions about Aoetec - Heavy Duty Switch:

Is it possible to smart steer the water heater with a Heavy Duty Swtich?

You can connect the Heavy Duty Switch to the water heater, but as of now you can not smart steer the water heater. This is because we do not know the temperature inside of the water heater, and if the temperature in the water heater is getting too low, dangerous bacteria such as legionella can occur. You will get the consumption that the water heater is using, in the Tibber-app and possibility to turn it off and on through the Homey app.

I've heard it's possible to set smart steering of the water heater by my self?

Yes, there will be an option to set up smart steering of the water heater if you have Homey + Tibber + Aotec - Heavy Duty Switch. First of all you need to integrate Tibber in Homey, such as you can get the information about the electricity price and consumption into Homey. After this is done, you need to set up a work flow in Homey which decides when the Heavy Duty Switch is powered on or not.

Example: When the clock is 06.00 - 11.00 -> the water heater should be off or: When the electricity prise is xxx ➑️ it should be turned off.

But: One must be aware of the formation of legionella bacteria when setting up control of this control. If the temperature in the water heater is too low, this can occur!

Does a temperature sensor have to be installed in the hot water circuit to achieve smart control via Heavy Duty Switch?

The best control will be if you have something that can measure the temperature in the water heater directly. Tibber examines possibility for this.

I want to control my water heater so that it does not heat the water for the 4 most expensive hours, what do I need to make it happen?

It can be done by setting up a flow through Homey gateway and Aotec - Heavy Duty Switch. Again, we do not recommend smart steering for the water heater, since the result can be a cold tank, and it's really important to be aware of bacterial growth of legionella, when one is setting up a smart steering for the water heater.

Can the Heavy Duty Swtich be used to switch the jacuzzi on and off via the Tibber-app?

Yes, by connecting the Heavy Duty Switch, you can monitor the consumption and remotely control the power to the jacuzzi 😊

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