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Integration to Mitsubishi Electric heat pump

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MELCloud is Mitsubishi Electric own app. If you have an air to air heat pump from Mitsubishi Electric, you can smart heat your home with connecting MELCloud to the Tibber app. You will need an official Mitsubishi Electric WiFi-control to connect each facilities to MELCloud. Read more on MELCloud's homepage.

❓Frequently asked questions about MELCloud:

Does MELCloud users need a physical product or does the Tibber pairing works with just the Tibber app?

You do not need any extra products to connect MELCloud to Tibber.

What Mitsubishi heat pump is supported in MELCloud?

All the brand to Mitsubishi should be supported in MELCloud. The heat pump needs to communicate through WiFi. It might be that you need to connect an adapter: to be able to connect it.

Please contact a Mitsubishi dealer to verify this or check MELCloud's homepage.

How do I connect MELCloud to Tibber app?

In the Tibber app, you will find MELCloud in the list under Power-ups. Chose "Connect" and log in with the same credentials as you use in the MELCloud app.

How does Tibber smart heat my Mitsubishi heat pump through MELCloud?

With smart heating you let Tibber control the heating in your house, in the most optimal hours throughout the day. With our Power-up for MELCloud we move the heating as much as possible to the cheapest hours of the day, which results in lower heating costs. Tibber knows the electricity price in advance, and Tibber can therefore control the heating and heat up the house when the price is at its lowest.

You choose which temperature you want in your home in the Tibber app, and Tibber ensures that the house keeps the warmth to the lowest cost, without compromising the comfort in your home. Read more about smart heating here.

What is the difference between MELCloud and Sensibo Air?

With integration directly through MELCloud, we will be able to skip a joint relative to the integration with Sensibo Air. If you have a MELCloud today, the directly integration MELCloud will be the best solution for you.

I have a Sensibo unit, but I see that it is possible to smart heat with the heat pump directly through the MELCloud integration, what is the best option?

Both integration works smooth, we would probably recommend the integration with MELCloud since Tibber has directly contact with the heat pump through this integration.

I have connected MELCloud to Tibber, but get a message that it does not find any sensors or thermostat to connect, what do I do?

First, try to remove MELCloud from the Tibber app under Power-ups. Log out of the Tibber app and delete cache from the app. Re log into the app to see if it works then.

To clear cache from the app, go to settings -> apps -> Tibber -> Storage -> Clear Cache, note that you need to log out of the app before trying this.

If the problem still continues, please contact us in the messenger and we'll help you🤗

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