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This is where we save the most useful Homey flows from Tibber employees and customers.

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In Homey you can create your own automation or flows as they call it. Essentially a bunch events thats activated in a flow to preform different actions for you 🧠

You can eg. use a change in the energy price to trigger a flow that analyzes how high the energy price is now in relation to the rest of the day, and use the results to light a specific light or activate a message in your speakers, urging you to reduce your consumption. You can get the Homey flows to do pretty much anything for you.

Below we collect and display the most useful flows from our users and the Tibber staff to visualize the energy price and optimize control.

A pretty simple flow:

A flow that makes your Homey blink red when the energy price is high.

A more advanced flow the demands a bit more from the user:

This flow triggers when the energy prices changes, to check:

  • Day and time

  • Outside temperature

  • Temperature from a specific device

  • Main phase load for a specific device

If all of this match the specific settings a Homey script will be called to adjust the floor heating temperature with a logarithmic formula containing the energy price.

An example of how you can create a virtual thermostat that can be controlled by Tibber:

To perform this you need to first install the Homey app VThermo. If you use the free version of the Flow tool, it takes at least 3 flows to make it work.

Good luck⚡️

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