MyUplink for Nibe S-serie

In this article contains information about why and how you connect Nibe MyUplink to Tibber as well as some FAQ.

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MyUplink is the Nibe Groups' solution for connecting and controlling their WiFi-connected products in the S-Serie. Through Tibber's collaboration with Nibe, you can now control your heat pump directly from the Tibber app. Read on to learn how to connect MyUplink to Tibber and some FAQ πŸ€“

Why should you control your Nibe S-Serie heat pump via Tibber?

With a connected heat pump and room sensor in the Nibe S-Serie, you can not only control your heating directly in the app but also;

πŸ“‰ Control your heating to the cheapest hours of the day

πŸ”‘ Automatically lower the heat when you're not at home

😴 Automatically lower the heating at night

β›· Activate savings mode when you are away for more extended periods

The heating will be controlled automatically using our smart algorithms that consider both weather forecasts and electricity prices.

You can choose only to connect your heat pump without a sensor but without the possibility to regulate temperature or activate smart heating.

Read more about smart heating hear.

⚑️ What's needed to connect my Nibe S-Serie to Tibber?

  • To control your heat pump via Tibber you need to have a room sensor connected to your heat pump and activated as controlling for a zone.

  • Without a room sensor, you can still connect a heat pump but not control it via the Tibber app.

  • You do not need a Nibe MyUplink Premium account to control your heat pump via the Tibber app.

πŸ”Œ How do I connect my Nibe S-line to Tibber?

Heat pump

If you have a heat pump in the S-Serie that is connected to Nibe MyUplink you can easily connect it to Tibber and activate smart heating control.

🟑 MyUplink is for the Nibe S-Serie heat pumps. F-Serie heat pumps can instead be connected via the Power-up Nibe Uplink 🟑

Step by step:

  1. First, ensure that your heat pumps' software is updated to the latest version. You will get a push notification in MyUplink when a new update is available or you can click Menu > Profile > Devices to see and install the update.

  2. You also need a zone set up in order to connect to Tibber. A zone should have been set up automatically if your software is updated.

  3. Make sure your S-Serie heat pump is connected to WiFi and your Nibe MyUplink account for you to be able to connect it to Tibber.

  4. In the Tibber app, go to "Power-ups" and find Nibe MyUplink in the list. Keep in mind that Nibe MyUplink and Nibe Uplink are two different solutions and therefore separate Power-ups in the list.

  5. Click on "Connect" and answer whether your Nibe software is updated before connecting the heat pump.

  6. If you answer "It's up to date!" you get to confirm if you can see the indoor temperature in your MyUplink app. If you can that means that you have a room sensor.

    If you answer "No, I don't" you will get asked if you would like to purchase one in Tibber Store or if you would like to connect without using smart heating.

  7. If you answered "Yes" you get to confirm that your room sensor is set to control a zone.

  8. Next, you are to enter your log-in for your MyUplink account

  9. And finally, you make sure all relevant fields are market before hitting "Yes, allow"

  10. The MyUplink Power-up should now be visible on your home screen in the Tibber app. If not, please click on βš™οΈ in the top right corner, mark it, and now it will show up on the home screen.


  • Room sensors and thermostats are first connected to the heat pump in MyUplink.

  • After you've added a sensor in MyUplink you need to activate it as controlling for Tibber to add it as a thermostat.

❓ Frequently asked questions about MyUplink:

Why can't Tibber find any thermostat?
Usually, it's either that;

  • There is no room sensor added in MyUplink.

  • A room sensor is added but not activated as controlling.

If it's still not working, please delete the MyUplink Power-up from the Tibber app, log out and then in again in the Tibber app, delete the cache and then add MyUplink as a power-up again.

To delete the cache, go to Settings > Apps > Tibber > Storage > Delete cache. Please note that you have to log out of the app before doing this.

Should the problem still occur, please contact us in the chat or at and we'll help you out.

Is a physical product needed or can MyUplink be connected directly to the Tibber app?

You don't need any additional product to connect MyUplink to the Tibber app.

Which products can be connected with Nibe MyUplink?

In addition to heat pumps, there are a number of wireless accessories that allows you to get the most benefit and convenience out of your S-Serie.

THS 10 - Wireless temperature and humidity sensor

ROT 10 - Wireless room thermostat and humidity sensor

RPP 10 - Repeater

My MyUplink password does not work with Tibber, why?

It's often due to that you have special characters (eg. β€œ#€%/) included in the password. Try changing the password to without special characters and it often works just fine.

How can Tibber heat my home smarter with Nibe MyUplink?

With smart heating you let Tibber control the heating in your house during the optimal priced hours during the day. Since Tibber knows how the electricity price varies during the day in advance, you can with our Power-up for Nibe MyUplink move the heating as much as possible to the cheapest hours of the day, which results in lower heating costs.

You choose the temperature you want in your home in the Tibber app and Tibber ensures that the house keeps the heat at the lowest possible cost, without compromising on the comfort of your home

Read more about smart heating hear.

What's the difference between the Power-ups for Nibe Uplink and Nibe MyUplink?

  • Nibe Uplink is the Nibes Groups solution for their F-series.

  • Nibe MyUplink is the Nibes Groups solution for their S-series.

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