Telldus Tellstick

Telldus Tellstick Net / Znet is a smart home gateway and a hub for managing smart home products.

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Telldus and Tibber - what opportunities does it give you?

With a Tellstick connected to Tibber, you get the opportunity to connect a number of sensors from different brands to Tibber.

❗️Note that we have no integration with controlling devices via Telldus.

That is, you will only be able to read data from the sensors in the Tibber app that is connected via Telldus, the sensors can not be controlled via our app. It will thus only show units that measure temperature and power consumption via Telldus, in the Tibber app.

Can I connect heat sources and light sources via Telldus to Tibber?

Tibber does not support heat or light control via Telldus. Sensor monitoring only.

How to connect Telldus to Tibber

To connect Tellstick to Tibber, you must connect to Telldus Live, which is Telldus' own cloud service. In the Tibber app under Power-ups, select Telldus Smart House.

Then press "connect" to get started.

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