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Information about orders of Homevolt 🛒
Information about orders of Homevolt 🛒

Let’s go thorough how you can get your hands on one and everything else about the purchase

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We believe that having a smart home battery in as many houses as possible is key to tackling the energy market challenge. ✊🏽

How to get a Homevolt and what will it cost me? (SE&NO) 👀

Homevolt is currently available to pre-order in Sweden and Norway. If you place an order for a Homevolt today, it will be delivered and installed in 2024.

For pre-orders in Sweden, please click here.
For pre-orders in Norway, please click here.

We will charge a down payment of 1000 NOK/SEK which will be deducted from the final payment for the battery.

The currently rules for “Grön teknik-avdrag” for batteries in Sweden allows a deduction if you have your own energy production (eg. solar). Tibber loves solar but having your own production is not essential to use the Homevolt, only to get the “Grön teknik-avdrag”.

Enova deduction in Norway, unfortunately does not cover home batteries like Homevolt.

The estimated price for Homevolt including installation is:

NO 🇳🇴

  • 6,65 kWh 89,995 NOK

  • 13,3 kWh 129,995 NOK

SE 🇸🇪

  • 6,65 kWh 89,995 SEK

  • 13,3 kWh 129,995 SEK

What happens after I order Homevolt? (SE & NO)

If you place a pre-order, you will be given priority to get your hands on Homevolt when they are ready for delivery 🥳.

Here's how it works:

⚡️ You pre-order your Homevolt in Tibber Store and pay a deposit of 1000 SEK/NOK.

⚡️ You will receive an email confirmation of your pre-order.

⚡️ We will keep you updated via email in the meantime with the estimated time of delivery.

⚡️ When it is time to place your order, we will inform you.

⚡️ When we receive your order, we will deduct 1000 SEK for the final payment.

What happens if I change my mind?

You can always cancel your pre-order and we will refund the deposit of 1000 SEK/NOK. Full terms and conditions for pre-ordering can be found here (LINK).

Can I use my Tibber Store bonus for the deposit?

Yes you can! Should you cancel your pre-order, you will of course get the bonus refunded to buy something else in the Tibber Store.

When will it be available to order in DE/NL?

As soon at it is possible to order Homevolt in Germany and the Netherlands, it will be communicated via our website and other communication channels.

When will deliveries and installations start?

The first deliveries and installations are planned for Q4 2023.

What warranty do I get for Homevolt?

The warranty is 10 years.

Harvest and store energy in style ✨

Homevolt is not just a smart product, it is also very stylish! It comes in 3 colors and you can pick the one that will match your home.

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