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Pulse - Missing phase in the app
Pulse - Missing phase in the app

Why Pulse is only showing two phases

Updated over a week ago

Some meters connected to 3-phase on the Norwegian IT-grid (230V) will only show the load on two phases in our app. Why is that?

We have disabled showing the L2 phase on the following meters which are connected to 3-phase on a 230V IT-grid:

  • Aidon 6534

  • Landis+Gyr E350

  • Embriq Politerm800

  • Kaifa/Nuri MA304T3

The reason for this is that the meters only send information about the load on L1 and L3. The measuring method for IT-grids are often based on a so-called 2 systems-measurements or an Aron-connection, so only electricity between to of the phases are measured, and not all 3. This measurement is adequate for measuring your consumption.

This means that the total consumption is correct, because of the way the meter is constructed.

🖩Why can't you just calculate the missing value?

We have previously tried to calculate the correct load on L2, but the calculations proved to be wrong. The reason being that meters don't have the hardware to measure the angle/degrees in between phases.

Will load balancing be affected?

If you have an Easee or Zaptec-charger, load balancing will still balance the main fuse based on the phases we have information on. All 3 phases will be adjusted equally on the charger. This should therefore not pose an issue for load balancing 👍

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