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I have received an SMS from you, what do I do now?

Perfect! 😊 After these simple steps, you will have the opportunity to use the Tibber app. In it, you can track your consumption, see exciting analyzes and connect smart gadgets with the app.

  1. Click on the link that leads to registration.

  2. Enter the PIN code you received in the SMS

  3. Enter a personal password and follow further instructions in the app.

Where can I see my contract specification?
All information is stated in your confirmation email from Kundkraft.

How do I set up direct debit or e-invoice in Tibber?
Open the Tibber app and click on "My account" Here you will find "Payment method" where you can see added e-invoice or easily register a direct debit.

Can I add more users to the Tibber app?
If you want to give others in the family👨‍👩‍👦 access to your account, they can download the app and you can log in to them with your user information. It is possible to be logged in to several devices at the same time.

Can Tibber invoice for both electricity and network charges?

The invoice for electricity comes from Tibber, but the invoice for network charges comes separately from your network company.

Referral Codes

You can invite friends and family to try tibber, Go to "My Account" in the app and find "Invite friends to Tibber" If your friend signs an electricity contract and use your referral code you both get 500SEK to shop for in the Tibber Store.
0 note that your friend then signs Tibber's standard contract.

Can I sell my solar production to Tibber?

Of course, we buy your surplus!🤩 We pay Nordpools spot price per hour. If you overproduce for a month or so, a pot is created that is used for your next invoices. Ulle Should your pot grow large, we can of course pay it out to your bank account, you will then need to register a direct debit. - If you also want to receive VAT for your overproduction, you need to send an F-tax slip to us in the app or at hello@tibber.com

For those of you with an electricity agreement via Kundkraft with Tibber and who intend to install solar cells

If the electricity contract with Tibber is active when your solar cells have been installed and activated, a production contract will be drawn up automatically and you mostly only need to hope for sunny days!

For you with an electricity agreement via Kundkraft with Tibber and is already a solar producer

If you have had solar cells for a while and sold your solar to another electricity company before - In process with the transition to Tibber, we will also move over your production facility. Please send us your Production EAN and we will take care of the rest!

✍️ Do you miss the answer to your question? You can always contact us in the chat (workdays) or send an email to hello@tibber.com.

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