Add Easee as Power-up

Change operator, and add Easee in the Tibber-app

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To get started with smartcharging you have to add Easee as a Power-up in the Tibber-app.

For Tibber to set a charging schedule (for charging in the cheapest hours), you have to change operator in the Easee-cloud service.

  1. Sign in with the same user as in the Easee-app, or create a new account.

  2. Choose site

  3. Choose tools

  4. Choose operator (Tibber)

When you have done this, you can add Easee to the Tibber-app:

  1. Go to "Power-ups" in mainscreen menu.

  2. Find Easee integration and select "Connect"

  3. Follow instructions to add Easee.

❗️You need serial number and Pin. You can find it on a sticker on your Easee, and on the back of the manual.

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