Cooling with heat pump❄️

What happens when you set your heat pump on "Cooling-mode"

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This is how the Heat pump works with Tibber when it's set to cooling:

When you activate "Cooling" on the heat pump, the smart heating will be overridden in the Tibber app. The heat pump will continuous work towards the set point of temperature you have set in the app, both on day and night time, without considering the electricity price.

"Smart Cooling" in Tibber?

"Smart cooling" Would be an awesome feature on hot summer days💦

It's more expensive to heat up a house than it is to cool it down, because the heat pump will use a lot less energy to make warm air cold, then it does on making cold air warm. Therefore we have only focused on smart heating😊

❓Frequently asked questions about cooling:

How does it work with day and night savings when the heat pump is in cooling mode?

When cooling mode is activated, Tibber will then deactivate Smart heating. The heat pump will through the whole day and night work towards the set point temperature you have set on the heat pump.

Is Tibber able to deal with air heat pumps with for example Sensibo or Tado in cooling mode?

Yes, you will be able to activate "Cooling" in the Tibber-app. You will find it under "mode" when you are on the "power-up". Smart heating will be overridden when cooling is activated.

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