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Nibe Uplink is an additional service for heat pumps from Nibe that lets you see the current temperature, historically temperature data and smart control the heat pump form a distance (last named requires a premium subscription with Nibe).

❓Frequently asked question about Nibe Uplink:

I have Nibe Uplink, but not a premium subscription with Nibe. What is the difference when I connect Uplink to Tibber?

With a standard Nibe account, you will only get a view of the data from Nibe in the Tibber app. If you have a premium subscription with Nibe you will be able to control the desired temperature through the Tibber app, from wherever you might be in the world, and you will also have the option to activate smart price adjustment.

How can I control the heat through Nibe Uplink smarter, from when the electricity price is at it's cheapest?
If you have a premium account with Nibe, you need to activate "Smart price adaption" in Nibe Uplink. We will send commands and the algorithm to Nibe and arranges the rest.

The heat pump will adapt your consumption after the electricity price is more favorable. If the electricity price increases will the heat pump in advance adapt to lowering the production. When the electricity price is lower, the heat pump will increase the production.

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