SmartThings is back in Tibber!

In 2020, Tibber discontinued SmartThings since Samsung has decided to phase out the platform or API on which SmartThings is built.

So why do we still have it? 🤔 Well, our customers wanted it! They wanted it so much that they started their own Facebook group and gathered lots of people to support during the appeal. And why would we fight against it then? 😃

❗️SmartThings is back in Tibber, but we do not know how long and how well the existing integration will work.


Please note that Tibber doesn't have support for the SmartThings Power-up. You may search different forums and see if you can get any help. They are often full of brilliant people!

How do I connect SmartThings to Tibber?

To add SmartThings, you have to activate Tibber Labs in our app. Go to My account → My Profile and activate Tibber Labs. Now you can connect to SmartThings in the Power-ups menu.

Which brands and products are compatible with SmartThings?

Click here to see a complete list.

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