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Adax-radiators will let you control the heat in your home wireless from your phone. If you have a WiFi-radiator from Adax, you can smart heat with Tibber. Tibber's variable electricity pricing and smart algorithms reduces your heating costs with moving the majority of the heating to the hours on the day when the price is at it lowest.

Tibber knows the electricity prices in advance, and can therefore control your heating so the house can be heated up when the electricity prices is at it lowest, which will gives you a comfort indoor temperature to a lower price.

How to get started with Adax Smart heating in Tibber

Press Power-ups in the Tibber app and chose Adax under available Power-ups. Press "Connect" and follow the steps.

In the Tibber app can you chose a comfort temperature for each radiators. We use this to control the temperature which will be sent to the Adax-units in the Adax's own app.

When you activate smart heating we will control the comfort temperature based on electricity price, weather and insulation degree. This means that the temperature set on the Adax-unit can be lower or higher than your set comfort temperature.

We also use Adax's own sensors to learn how fast the temperature reduce or increase in the room, so we better can smart heat day and night savings for you with minimal consumption.

Day and night mode๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒƒ

With day and night savings we don't lower the temperature with more than 3ยบC, it's with the thought of using energy pรฅ the most effective way. If example the temperature gets lower too much, the radiators will work harder to be able to heat it up to the set comfort temperature, and therefore use more energy than necessary.

Vacation mode๐Ÿ–

In vacation mode will we lower the temperature down towards 8ยบC, this again will depended on the length of the travel/vacation and the out door temperature.

Adax WiFi radiators can not be bought in our Tibber-Store, but you can still connect it to the Tibber app ๐Ÿ™‚

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