Without further ado, here's our current list of stuff we've tried to build something for, but have given up for one reason or another. In short; they didn't meet the Tibber seal of excellence criteria as defined in article 5 §16 of the Tibber codex.

... Yes, I'm kidding, that would be stupid, The seal of excellence I mean. A Tibber codex would be massively kick-ass.

Stuff we want to do but is currently on hold

You can find a few highlights of stuff we’ve been exploring but put on hold for one reason or another below. If you want to challenge our conclusions because you believe things have changed since we last we tried, please give us a holler in the chat!

Apple HomeKit

We're big fans of HomeKit, and what could possibly make sense is if we could expose our own hardware to HK to visualize your home's energy consumption, or your prices. Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge there is no possibility to expose power/energy in a good way to HomeKit today, which makes integrating with that a bit pointless to be honest.

Eaton xComfort

This also includes other brands that connect to xComfort, for example Sensio. No open API available today, but who knows what the future might hold.

FerroAmp Energy Hub

FerroAmp has a pretty cool product with their energy hub, no doubt about that. We are in continuous dialogue with them, but until they've got a proper authentication solution in place (e.g. Oauth2), we can't really do much I'm afraid.


So yes. Hyundai is kinda rockin’ it since the Ioniq and Kona models. However, a bit of an issue today is that while the cars theoretically supports all that we need, it turns out the onboard computer (the one responsible for communicating with us), is actually powered by the 12V battery. And what happens when you drain the 12V battery, because you constantly poll the car to check on status and location, you may wonder? Well nothing. Absolutely nothing. As in, the car doesn’t start and needs to go to the shop for repairs. Not good. Not good at all.


Actually exactly the same story as Hyundai above (i.e. not a pretty one).


While KNX is the godfather of home automation, unfortunately we see limited requests for this from users today. We do see the value of this still, and we had high hopes to be able to use a KNX to Homey bridge and to be able to expose our current supported device types to Tibber, but in all honesty haven’t been able to really drill down into this. In short, as long as you can get your KNX devices exposed to Homey as device types supported by Tibber (e.g. lights, sensors, thermostats, …) it should work. There’s a lot of if’s and but’s here though and since we haven’t had time to go knee deep in this ourselves we haven’t wanted to recommend it for everyone. So in theory; it should work by using homey and the KNX connector kit. They have a good article on this here: https://homey.app/en-us/blog/introducing-knx-homey/


When we've looked at the API previously we have been getting suuuper slow performance, it's so slow in fact that we wouldn't feel comfortable building an app experience around this.

Nobø heaters

While there is a local API for Nobø, it’s pretty ancient and has no native cloud component today. In theory it would actually be possible by tunneling the local API, but it's a pretty messy solution which leaves let's say ... room for improvement. Once there is something better we’d really love to give it a go!

Panasonic Comfort Cloud

We've actually pretty much built an integration for Comfort Cloud, but the issue is that Comfort Cloud only allows one device to be logged in at a time per user account, meaning when you connect it to Tibber, you logout of the Panasonic app and vice versa. Simply put, it doesn't meet our standards for a super smooth™️ user experience.

Polestar (2)

It’s a cool car. It’s a pretty amazing car actually. Today however, there’s absolutely no way for us to control it. There’s no App (which means no app API), and no official API.

Renault Zoe

Given the market footprint of the Zoe, we really should have it, right? Well here’s the kicker .. Until pretty recently the car didn’t support location (GPS), which meant we couldn’t determine if the car was home or not for Smart Charging. The flip side of this is that since the ZE50 (mostly it seems), which means Model Year 2021+, they now actually do. So yes, this is on our shortlist.

Samsung SmartThings

Alright. So SmartThings ... We had it for a long time, then removed it, and then brought it back from the dead. The reason we removed it initially was primarily because Samsung communicated they would stop supporting Groovy IDE, which is what the Tibber integration is built on. But in all honesty, all the hassle you have to go through to get this up and running also isn't very Tibber-ish.

So why do we still have it? Well, people want it, people want it so much in fact they started a facebook group and gathered tons of people to support their cause. And hey, who are we to argue right?

TL;DR: SmartThings is here, and it works in a somewhat decent state. You need to enable Labs to see it, and we kindly request that you check with the SmartThings facebook group if you need help. It will continue to work as long as Groovy IDE is up and running, that's all we know at this point.

Volkswagen ID. Series

Believe us. We're working on it. The current state of affairs is that the API doesn't provide location (GPS) which therefore has made us put it on hold. We'll get to it as soon as we've found a solution.

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