Pulse HAN specifications

Different specifications for Pulse

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Here you will find the different specifications of Pulse:


2,4 GHz


Micro-USB, RJ45


80,5 x 33 x 24,5 mm


40 gram

Update frequency:

How often we receive data from you energy meter varies between the different manufacturers of the meters. Here you will therefore find a list of the different supported meters:

Manufacturer of meter:

Updates every:


2,5 seconds (NO), 10 seconds (SE)


2 seconds


10 seconds


2,5 seconds

What information is available in the app?

In our app you may see the current power consumption (in watts) and how big the load on your main fuse is right now (in amps).
​NB! On a 400V TN-grid you will see the load on all three phases. If you're connected to a 230V IT-grid, we will only be able to show the load on L1 and L3. The reason for this is that the meter doesn't send us data on L2.

Data usage:

If you are going to connect Pulse to a 4G modem, it's nice to know that it won't use your whole data package. The max usage for a month is 100 MB, which equals to less than 3.5 MB per day!
​NB! The data usage may vary between the different energy meters. It may therefore be lower than what is given here.

Power consumption:

Pulse uses between 19 and 30mA when it's just connected to the energy meter. When also connected to USB it will use from 35mA to 105mA. During pairing Pulse will require more power for a short while.

NB! Long term use of a power bank is not recommended. The problem is that the power bank will shut itself off after a short while due to the low consumption of Pulse. Also a for example 10Ah powerbank will only last for about 10 days before it needs to be recharged. If Pulse requires power from USB constantly, we recommend using a wall outlet, or getting one installed.

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